Sunday, August 18, 2019
Logan Wagner led all 25-laps to capture his 5th overall Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car victory of 2019 at the Port Royal Speedway.

“I’m soo thankful to be with a team like this and have people who support me and make all this happen.” said Wagner. “The car was excellent as it has been all year and I’m just happy to be in this position.”

As a result of earning the most points after dual 6-lap heats, Wagner started on the pole with Dustin Baney on the outside front row. Wagner quickly jumped out the early lead over fourth starting AJ Flick and fifth starting Ryan Taylor.

The races only caution would fly on lap 4 as Tyler Bear got sideways in turn 3 and collected TJ Stutts as well. Both cars would be able to re-join the field.

When green flag racing resumed, it was Wagner again jumping out to a sizeable lead. Taylor, using the bottom of turn’s 1 and 2 to slide past Flick, set his sights on Wagner as he moved into the second spot.

Wagner would enter lap traffic on lap 10. Before that, Wagner had been trying multiple lines of the speedway, with Taylor catching him and getting to his tail tank on several laps. With a .347 lead at the halfway mark, Wagner knew it was time to make his move.

“I was moving around trying to see where the car was working,” said Wagner. “Once I saw Ryan show his nose, I knew it was time to go. I went back up top and just tried to hold on.”

With Flick, Dylan Cisney and Jared Esh putting on an exciting battle for the third position behind them, Wagner began to stretch his lead again over the final laps. Ultimately, he would cross the checkered flag by a margin of 1.434 second lead over Taylor, Flick, Esh and Cisney.

Danny Varin, Tyler Reeser, Dan Shetler, Kyle Smith and Stutts completed the top 10.

“I just can’t say enough about this team and my crew,” said Wagner, who expanded his series points lead to 400 points. “Even when we are not at our best, I feel like we can win races. Tonight showed that and we earned this one.”

For Taylor, he was looking for his first win since the beginning of the season but was happy with the improvement his team continues to show.

“We found some stuff during the Dream Race and we been working at duplicating that and just being more consistent,” said Taylor. “We held our own with Logan and not too many people have been able to do that with them this year. I just got to get better in lap traffic if I want to complete the deal. But I’m happy.”

Sprint Car Results- 1. Logan Wagner 2. Ryan Taylor 3.AJ Flick 4.Jared Esh 5.Dylan Cisney 6.Danny Varin 7.Tyler Reeser 8.Dan Shetler 9.Kyle Smith 10.TJ Stutts 11.Mike Wagner 12.Rick Lafferty 13.Dustin Baney 14.Jeff Miller 15.Tyler Walton 16.Nicole Bower 17. Trenton Sheaffer 18.Cory Thornton 19. Tyler Bear 20. Ryan Linder 21.Vince Snyder

Sunday, June 09, 2019

PORT ROYAL, PA – Logan Wagner is in complete control of the Weikert’s Livestock sprint cars at Port Royal Speedway.

The defending track champion and current point leader made a huge statement Saturday night by winning both 20-lap sprint car features.

He dominated the first feature earning $3,000 for his third win of the season in the John and Pee Wee Zemaitis Zemco sprinter. In the second feature, he passed Lance Dewease for the win.

Wagner, of Harrisonville, earned another $3,000 for that win, plus a $1,000 bonus for the sweep. Murray Motors Chevrolet of Selinsgrove and Folkens Bros. Trucking of Iowa each put up $500 toward the bonus.

“I can’t believe it,” Wagner said. “To win one of them two years ago would have been unheard of for me. These guys have been doing this for a long time and they know what they’re doing. I’m just the loose nut behind the wheel.”

In the first feature, Wagner started second and grabbed the race lead. Kyle Reinhardt and Ryan Smith swapped second with Reinhardt securing the spot.

Wagner reached lapped traffic with six laps completed, but it didn’t slow him down. Behind the top three, it was a battle between Danny Dietrich and Lance Dewease.

The first yellow of the race flew with 11 laps completed when Trenton Sheaffer stopped on the front stretch. This got Wagner out of the heavy lapped traffic, but also erased his comfortable 2.469-second lead.

Wagner streaked away from the field on the restart as the top cars all blasted around the cushion. He built another big lead and was headed for the white flag when Justin Whittall stopped bringing out the yellow again.

He raced right thru the center of the corners on the restart. Reinhardt stayed closer this time, but Wagner took the bottom line away from him on the final lap. Wagner’s third Port Royal win of the season came by 1.297 over Reinhardt. Smith, Dewease and 15th starter Dylan Cisney completed the top five.

“We capitalized on starting position,” Wagner said. “We have a really fast hot rod. I can’t thank the Zemco Team enough. I did a lot of saving on the right rear for the second feature. I’m not sure what the other guys’ tires look like, but we should be okay. I’m sure if we have car similar to that we should be alright.”

Danny Dietrich, Mike Wagner, Antony Macri, Blane Heimbach and TJ Stutts rounded out the top 10.

Wagner drew the lowest number possible for the second feature inversion. He picked a four putting Dewease and Smith on the front row.

Dewease grabbed the lead over Smith and Wagner to start the second 20-lappper. Meanwhile, Reinhardt, Dietrich and Cisney battled for the fourth spot.

Smith stayed close to Dewease with Wagner third. The battle continued behind them with Dietrich securing the spot.

Dewease worked the middle while Smith and Wagner worked the top. Smith was right on Dewease as they completed lap nine. Dewease was having trouble lapping cars. Smith drove next to Dewease as they raced down the backstretch, but Wagner went way up top entering turn three making the race for the lead three-wide in the corners.

Wagner drove by Smith and then Dewease in turns one and two taking the lead with 11 laps completed. Dietrich was lurking right behind them.

“Ryan had no idea I was there,” Wagner said. “I knew where Lance was running and he wasn’t going to leave it. When Ryan seen Lance, he started to pick it up and spin his wheels. I got a good run off of two and when the gap opened up, I had to pull the trigger then. I skated up. I was probably close to him, but I had to do what I had to do. Two laps later, I got a good run in the middle and got by Lance, too.”

He gave plenty of credit to crew chief Tommy Carl and crew.

“Hats off to the crew,” he said. “For a car to operate like and get by Lance Dewease on his race track, slick, 20-second laps, that speaks volumes on what my guys are doing. We had a good right rear tire going into it and I felt like we could go anywhere. I tried a couple different grooves before I caught them to see what my car was doing.”

Wagner pulled ahead off turn two while Dewease and Dietrich got by Smith. Dietrich took second from Dewease with three to go.

But it was all Wagner winning by 1.569 over Dietrich, Dewease, Cisney and Smith. Macri, Reinhardt, Mike Wagner, Heimbach and Stutts rounded out the top 10.

He got up on the wing with broom in hand following the second win.

“It took me too long to get going,” Dietrich said. “I needed 25 laps.”

“We’re pretty happy with the first feature,” Reinhardt said. “Honestly, we were pretty bad all day until the first feature. We hung on and made it into the redraw. Logan got us at the start. We had a good run. We caught up to him a little bit before that yellow and then he had clear track and that was it. The second feature, we tried a lot of different stuff and it didn’t work. It wasn’t a total loss. We’re still rolling okay.”

Wagner set fast time over the 32-car field with a lap of 16.346. Steve Buckwalter, Dietrich, AJ Flick and Mike Wagner won the heat races. Jared Esh won the B-main.

Sprint Car Feature 1 (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner. 2. Kyle Reinhardt. 3. Ryan Smith. 4. Lance Dewease. 5. Dylan Cisney. 6. Danny Dietrich. 7. Mike Wagner. 8. Anthony Macri. 9. Blane Heimbach. 10. TJ Stutts. 11. Ryan Taylor. 12. AJ Flick. 13. Cory Haas. 14. Lucas Wolfe. 15. Jason Shultz. 16. Tyler Reeser. 17.Steve Buckwalter. 18. Jared Esh. 19. Landon Myers. 20. Jeff Miller. 21. Tyler Bear. 22. Nicole Bower. 23. Justin Whittall. 24. Trenton Sheaffer.

Sprint Car Feature 2 (20 laps): 1. Wagner. 2. Dietrich. 3. Dewease. 4. Cisney. 5. Smith. 6. Macri. 7. Reinhardt. 8. M. Wagner. 9. Heimbach. 10. Stutts. 11. Haas. 12. Wolfe. 13. Shultz. 14 .Taylor. 15. Esh. 16. Reeser. 17. Flick. 18. Miller. 19. Bear. 20. Mike Walter II 21. Bower. 22. Whittall. 23. Myers. 24 Buckwalter.

Did Not Qualify: Michael Walter, Kyle Smith, Dustin Baney, Daryl Stimeling, Cory Thornton, Troy Fraker, Tyler Walton.

Monday, May 27, 2019

PORT ROYAL, Pa- Logan Wagner felt like he let one get away from him. After leading 23 laps on night one of the Bob Weikert Memorial Saturday night, Wagner got passed by Danny Dietrich following a late restart and finished second.

He could’ve wallowed and blamed the broken left rear shock that made his car hard to handle and he could’ve made excuses about cautions and bad luck. However like the old saying says, ‘When you get kicked off the bull, you get back on’

Wagner passed his father Mike Wagner on lap 14 and held off a hard charging Dietrich to claim the 10 thousand dollar payday and gain a little redemption in front off a packed grandstand during a late night that saw rain attempt to play foil.

“Everything worked on in our favor tonight,” said Wagner, a Harrisonville native and current speedway point leader. “We positioned ourselves well and we run well and my whole crew gave me a car that was made to win.”

Freddie Rahmer was fast time and high point man following the heat races and he drew a 10 invert, putting AJ Flick and Mike Wagner on the front row for the feature event.

Flick jumped out to the early lead, with the Logan Wagner making a quick move from his 5th starting position to third on the opening lap.

As Flick was setting a blistering pace on an extremely fast race track, the elder Wagner and his son settled in behind him. However, Lucas Wolfe was making early moves as he moved into the top 5 of lap 5.

One lap later, Flick approached the tail end of the field of turn 3 and a lap later Wolfe moved past Ryan Taylor for 4th as he attempted to make it 3-straight Weikert Memorial victories.

However, the rally would be short lived as a lap later, Wolfe came to a stop in turn 3 with a flat tire and brought the field to the caution flag. Wolfe would rejoin the field following repairs.

On the restart, Mike Wagner made his move. He pulled under Flick in turn 1 and made the pass stick coming out of turn 2. Logan Wagner would follow as well on lap 10, however Greg Plank came to a stop in turn 1 to bring out the second caution of the night and negating Logan’s pass.

Following the restart, Logan Wagner once again made the pass of Flick for second and set his sights on his father. Ryan Taylor and Kyle Reinhardt followed suit. On lap 14 Flick’s night would also come to an end following a shredded right rear tire that sent him into the backstretch guard rail.

Following a red flag for fuel, rain drops began to fall from the sky for the second time on the night. However, speedway officials deemed the track ok and cars once again pushed off for the restart.

One lap later, Logan made his move on his father, sliding through the bottom in turn’s 3 and 4 to claim the lead for good and lead lap 15.

“I knew we had the car to beat and under that red I told my guys I was just being patient and was waiting to make my move,” said Wagner. “The car was so good that I just had to get up there and I knew once we got out front it be smooth sailing if I hit my marks and did my job.”

Once out front, Wagner took off, building over a 3 second lead by lap 20. As Wagner was cruising around the top of the speedway, Dietrich was looking to make it a repeat of night 1.

After starting 9th in the field, Dietrich cracked the top 5 on lap 17 and passed Taylor for 4th on lap 18. Wagner hit lap traffic on lap 22, and one lap later Dietrich passed Reinhardt for 3rd. The following lap Dietrich passed the elder Wagner for second in turns 3 and 4 and he set his sights on Logan.

Dietrich attempted to catch the Zemco sprinter, but with Wagner sailing around the top of the speedway and taking it easy, he had nothing for them. Wagner would take the checkered flag by 1.208 seconds over Dietrich, who would claim the Steer Head trophy following a tie breaker with Wagner for being the best after 2-nights.

Lance Dewease, Reinhardt and Mike Wagner rounded out the top 5.

Not only did the win make up for a tough night 1 loss, but it was redemption following last year’s Weikert Memorial that saw Wagner blow a tire while leading with 6-laps to go.

“I think that video recap of last years race has about 22 thousand views and after losing that one I think 20 thousand of them were me.” said Wagner. “This is pretty easily the biggest win of my career and I couldn’t be happier than to be standing here in victory lane on Bob Weikert night in front of all these fans.”

While second wasn’t what he was looking for, Dietrich was just happy to be on the podium and be going home with the coveted bull trophy

” We got the bull and that’s all we really wanted,” said Dietrich. “We got a win last night and we been coming up here all year to bring trophy home and I can’t be any happier.”

“Logan has been extremely fast here all year and he’s tough to beat. So hats off to those guys and I’m happy for my guys to have a pretty successful weekend.”

Jared Esh, Dylan Cisney, Taylor, Wolfe and Ryan Smith rounded out the top 10.

Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Danny Dietrich; 3. Lance Dewease; 4. Kyle Reinhardt; 5. Mike Wagner; 6. Jared Esh; 7. Dylan Cisney; 8. Ryan Taylor; 9. Lucas Wolfe; 10. Ryan Smith; 11. T.J. Stutts; 12. Freddie Rahmer; 13. Tyler Reeser; 14. Justin Whittall; 15. Blane Heimbach; 16. A.J. Flick; 17. Jeff Miller; 18. Kody Lehman; 19. Kyle Smith; 20. Greg Plank; 21. Tyler Bear; 22. Nicole Bower; 23. Joey Hershey; 24. Anthony Macri; 25. Dustin Baney; 26. Steve Buckwalter. DNS: Rick Lafferty.

Thursday, May 23, 2019
Logan Wagner And The Zemco Team Ready For Bob Weikert Memorial Weekend

The Port Royal Speedway is set to honor one of sprint car racing’s most iconic figures, Bob Weikert. The Weikert Livestock No.29 sprint car was recognized by fans across the country for years and the famous “Beef Mobile” had drivers like Kenny Weld, Paul Pitzer, Doug Wolfgang, Bobby Davis, Jr., Kenny Jacobs, and Keith Kauffman see success with Bob Weikert. What better way to honor to him with two big races over the Memorial Weekend that pay $10,000 to the winner on both nights.

The Zemco Headers sprint car owned by John and PeeWee Zemaitis have had success at the Bob Weikert Memorial, back in 2008 Jeff Shepard captured his only Weikert win and the following year Stevie Smith made it two in a row for the Zemco Team at the Weikert Memorial in 2009. Fast forward to 2019 with Logan Wagner behind the wheel, the Harrisonville, Pennsylvania driver is the defending Port Royal Track Champion, has been very consistent this season, and would love nothing more than to win the Weikert Memorial weekend.

“Bob Weikert was a tremendous car owner, his cars and drivers were always fast and anytime the No.29 was in the pit area they could win anywhere anytime, but he also helped a lot of drivers and teams behind the scenes that not a lot of people know about,” says Wagner. “It would be an honor to win this race this weekend but it will not be easy. There are some good teams out here and the All Stars have some excellent teams here as well, so we’re going to approach this weekend like we always do and go out there and give it everything we have.”

For the first time The Bob Weikert Memorial races will pay $10,000 to win on Saturday and Sunday. Another thing to remember is the Weikert Memorial format is different from the All Star Circuit of Champions and the normal Port Royal Speedway format. Points will be awarded in qualifying, Heat Races (ASCS Passing/Finishing Point Grid will be added to the qualifying point total). “Anytime there are points up for grabs with a competitive group of teams you have to be on point every time the car is on the track,” says Wagner. “The Weikert Memorial is a must-win race, it’s one of Port Royal’s biggest races and we feel pretty good about our chances. Everyone on this team has been working hard, and if we can make the right adjustments and stay clear of trouble we have a real chance to win the Weikert Memorial.”

Be sure to follow the Zemco Racing Team and Logan Wagner on Facebook, Twitter and for all the news and results. Also be sure to check out Speed Shift TV for this weekend’s live racing action, Speed Shift TV covers every race for the All Star Circuit of Champions and the Port Royal Speedway every Saturday night.

Logan Wagner and the Zemco Team would like to thank all of our Sponsors and Product Sponsors for their contributions to the 2019 Team, Zemco Speed Equipment, Zemco Headers, Zemco Tool & Die, Recchione Auto Body, All Things Automotive, Fulton Valley AG Services, Aumiller & Associates, Homewood at Spring House Estates, RAACE, The Bison Corral, R&N Tires, Fulton Electrical Services Freedom Powersports, High Octane Coffee Co. Sean’s ATV Connection, Hershey’s Racing Engines, Highlands Powersports, Schaeffer Racing Oil, TFS Signs, Wings Unlimited, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Pro Shocks, Schnee Chassis, Rucker Computer Solutions.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

PORT ROYAL, PA- Logan Wagner has been fast all season. Week in and week out, the defending Port Royal Speedway track champion has barged through the field from mid-pack. If he hasn’t been the hard charger, he’s been extremely close.

And fans have grown accustomed to his driving style of running the extreme high-line of the speedway in the turns. It’s exciting, but it’s not always the fastest way around the track.

Showing personal growth and determination, Wagner used the bottom of the track to fend off Lucas Wolfe and his father Mike Wagner to pick up his first Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car victory of 2019 and his fourth Port Royal victory of his career.

“Man this Zemco team is something else. When we’re fast, man are we ever fast. And it’s sometimes hard to really know how fast you are when you’re out front,” said Wagner, who won $4000 for his efforts. “I knew if we could just protect the bottom we’d be pretty good once we got the lead and I’m extremely happy to be in victory lane.”

It was a Wagner family reunion on the front row as both Logan and Mike lead the field to the green thanks to earning the most points via a dual heat format that rewarded drivers for finishing order and with passing points.

And as the green flag dropped, it was the elder Wagner jumping out to the early lead after making his car stick on the bottom in turns 1 and 2 and pulling ahead down the backstretch to lead lap 1 over his son. Meanwhile, Lucas Wolfe was able to pull to the inside of Blane Heimbach to take the third positon just after crossing the start finish line.

Two laps later, Logan made his first move for the lead as he slid under his father in turns 3 and 4, only for Mike to cross back under the slide-job attempt and continue to lead the field. On lap 5, Logan would make what ultimately turned out to be the winning move as he regrouped and slid under Mike for the lead on lap 5 in turns 1 and 2, this time making it stick and cutting off the momentum of his father down the backstretch.

“It’s always something special when you get to race against your family and leading the field to the green was a unique experience I’ll cherish,” said Wagner. “But we’re both out there to win races and he was giving me everything he had.”

“My dad probably races me harder then anyone else out there, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. We exchanged slide jobs there a couple times and I just had to be patient and I knew eventually we’d get it.”

Two laps later, Wolfe would use the top of turns and 3 and 4 to pick up momentum and power under Mike Wagner for second heading into turn 1 just after the flag stand. This put Wolfe within striking distance of the leader.

As Wagner approached lap traffic on lap 9, Wolfe was less then .5 seconds behind him. However, as Wagner began picking off lap cars on the high side of the speedway, Wolfe was left to bide his time and hope for a mistake as Wagner began to stretch his lead.

Though the large lead was short lived. Six laps later, Justin Whittal spun out in turn 2, bringing the leaders back together during the only caution of the 25 lap feature.

With his lead gone and a pair of savvy veterans on his tail tank, Wagner knew it was time to make a change and do something different to protect his position.

Coming back to the green flag, Wagner sped into turn 1, this time using the bottom of the speedway. The move worked as over the next few laps Wagner stretched his lead to nearly 2.0 seconds

“That caution happened and up to that point we’d been running the high side most of the race and I knew if I was going to hold off Lucas and my dad, I was going to have to adjust,” said Wagner of the lap 15 restart. “Those guys have way too much experience and way too much knowledge to just give them the bottom of the speedway on a restart.”

“So I drove it in there low and let the car do it’s job and just tried to be smooth and I figured that be enough.”

As Wagner checked out, the race was heating up behind him. While Wolfe and the elder Wagner remained steady in their positions, Ryan Smith, Heimbach and last week’s winner Danny Dietrich were exchanging lines, with Dietrich ultimately splitting the two down the front stretch on lap 17 to claim the fourth spot.

But nobody had anything for Wagner. He’d hit lap traffic again on lap 21, however Wolfe would never mount a serious attempt. Coming to the checkered flag, Wagner would win by a margin of .759 over Wolfe, Mike Wagner, Dietrich and Smith.

He also extended his point lead at the track as he looks to win back-to-bavk championships.

Heimbach, Dylan Cisney, Ryan Taylor, Steve Buckwalter and Jared Esh would round out the top 10.

In victory lane Wagner would climb to the top of his wing and celebrate with a beer in honor of a family friend that passed away last week.

“It’s hard to talk about it, but that whole deal on the wing was for him,” said an emotional Wagner in reference to his friend Glenn Winnick. “Glenn lived his days harder then anyone I know and lost his life last week.”

“I really wanted to win it for him last week, but he was riding along with me here tonight and it’s just a really special win.”

For Wolfe, it was a good run, but he needed to be able to get to the front quicker and was happy with the second place finish.

“I just didn’t get to the front quick enough. Mike and Logan were racing and if I could’ve gotten closer, maybe I’d had the chance to sneak by,” said Wolfe. “It was going to be incredibly difficult to overtake a good car in open track when he got the restart. Ultimately we had a reasonable result and congratulations to them.”

Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Lucas Wolfe; 3. Mike Wagner; 4. Danny Dietrich; 5. Ryan Smith; 6. Blane Heimbach; 7. Dylan Cisney; 8. Ryan Taylor; 9. Steve Buckwalter; 10. Jared Esh; 11. Sye Lynch; 12. T.J. Stutts; 13. Cory Haas; 14. Tyler Reeser; 15. Jack Sodeman Jr.; 16. A.J. Flick; 17. George Hobaugh; 18. Jeff Miller; 19. Kody Lehman; 20. Justin Whittall; 21. Ryan Linder; 22. Dustin Baney; 23. John Garvin; 24. Carl Bowser.

DNQ: Nicole Bower; Tyler Bear; T.J. DeHaven; Cory Thornton; Gary Kreiss.

Monday, January 15, 2018

HARRISONVILLE, PENN. (Jan. 15, 2018) – Logan Wagner will be teaming up with owners John and Peewee Zemaitis for the 2018 campaign, as he’s set to pilot the Zemco Racing No. 1 at Port Royal Speedway.

“My pursuit started in early October after approaching Mr. Zemaitis,” said Wagner. “This opportunity became more prevalent in early January where we found ourselves leaning in the same direction on what we wanted to not only accomplish on the track but also as a schedule.  Looking into 2018 there is no secret, we want to win.”  

The second-generation driver scored four wins in Pennsylvania during the 2017 season, one at Susquehanna Speedway in York Haven, one at Pittsburgh Motor Speedway in Imperial, and two at Lernerville Speedway in Sarver. The Harrisonville, Penn., native’s biggest win of last year and the biggest of his career up to this point came at Lernerville Speedway with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions on June 2, where he led all 30 laps to claim victory.

“We are looking forward to this season with Logan,” said team owner, John Zemaitis. “Our team feels he will be a perfect fit. Our goal is to make all the 410 races at Port Royal Speedway. It is absolutely amazing to watch all the improvements that are taking place there, not to mention the beauty of increased purses and larger events. Racing at our favorite track with a young talented driver like Logan has our team very excited.”

Zemco Racing enters their 30th year of competition this season. They have had numerous prestigious and well-known drivers behind the wheel of their machines including the late Kevin Gobrecht, Billy Pauch, Danny Lasoski and many more.  The 27-year-old Wagner’s father, Mike Wagner, also ran a race with the Zemco team at The Speed Palace. The team will continue to be led by long-time crew chief, Tommy Carl.

“With Tommy returning as the crew chief and having an extensive background of 30 years on this team, it will be my job to adapt,” said Wagner. “Our success will be based off how quickly we can work together.  To be honest, an opportunity like this comes to very few drivers in their career and I’m going into it with a deep desire to win.”

Zemco Racing will kick-off the 2018 season at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday, March 10th for the track’s $4,000 to win Opening Day.

Friday, June 02, 2017
Logan Wagner holds off Danny Holtgraver for first-ever Arctic Cat All Star win at Lernerville Speedway

SARVER, PA (June 2, 2017) - For the first time in his young career, Logan Wagner is a main event winner with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions, this time holding off a former Lernerville Speedway track champion, as well as the defending Arctic Cat All Star champion, for a $5,000 top prize. The Harrisonville, Pennsylvania, native started from the pole position and led all 30 circuits on Friday evening, June 2, at Lernerville Speedway, crossing under the final checkers nearly three seconds ahead of the competition. “Downtown” Danny Holtgraver crossed under the flagstand behind Wagner, followed by Chad Kemenah, Cole Duncan and Tim Shaffer.

“I can’t even put tonight into words,” Logan Wagner explained in Lernerville Speedway victory lane. “I gotta thank everyone that helps me out. My dad, especially, who does so much for me and my career. I didn’t think I was really that good tonight, but I was good enough to win and that is all that matters. This is amazing.”

Wagner took command at the drop of the initial green flag and immediately opened his advantage, stretching his lead to nearly two seconds by lap 10, ultimately pushing that margin to nearly three seconds during other segments of the main event.

A total of four cautions, three during the first 11 circuits, halted feature competition during the 30-lapper, and despite all four creating the potential for a takeover attempt, the clean air and open race track proved to be nothing more than an advantage for Logan Wagner. Even when traffic came into play during the midpoint of the main event, as well as during the last six circuits, Wagner’s preferred line around the thin, top edge of the speedway allowed for the most momentum.

“I just knew I had to run [turn one] the best that I could without getting up over the edge,” Wagner said in victory lane. “I know I went over the backstretch three or four times tonight. I was really tight through turns three and four, so I had to muscle my way around there. But I was able to really capitalize in turns one and two.”

Danny Holtgraver, Ryan Smith, Chad Kemenah and Cole Duncan each made their presence known with heated battles for the remaining positions inside the top-five. Holtgraver, the main event’s seventh starter who was making his first Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions appearance of the season, solidified the runner-up position on lap 21, ending a near-ten lap battle with Hunter Racing's Chad Kemenah.

“It feels good to be back in a sprint car,” Danny Holtgraver explained. “We haven’t raced that much this year, but when we do plan to race, we plan to have fun and work for results like this. Tonight was a lot of fun.”

Monday, April 10, 2017

It’s no secret that Logan Wagner hasn’t had much success at Susquehanna Speedway in a 410 Sprint car.

So what does a driver do about that? Go back and put on a show.

And that’s exactly what the young Harrisonville, PA driver did in Sunday night’s 30-lap BAPS Auto Paints and Supplies 410 Sprint Series feature.

“First race here last year, I wadded it up on the opening going into one and the last time we were here, we dumped it in three and ended up wadding it up again and everybody said why are you going back to Susky, every time you go there you wreck and I said I’m going there to win and we did, it was badass man,” stated Wagner after his popular upset win and first ever 410 sprint car win at the York Haven oval.

Not only did Wagner win, but he made a move on a lap 16 restart that saw him drive by both leader Doug Esh and runner-up Greg Hodnett as the trio raced into the first turn. That move was the race winning move and Wagner would never look back enroute to the $3,200 payday.

Kyle Reinhardt grabbed the lead early in the event and held the point until a lap five restart, when Esh got into him in turn two sending Reinhardt’s No. 91 into a series of flips.

Esh would leave until the lap 16 restart when Wagner took the lead as eighth starting Greg Hodnett moved by Esh on lap 17 and was racing a car length behind Wagner when his right rear tire exploded with 23 laps in.

Wagner again held the point on the restart, keeping Esh and Lance Dewease at bay and as Esh and Dewease battled, Wagner drove off aboard his All Things Automotive #7W sprinter to score the win.

“We’re negative five grand in the bank account for racing and the only option is to win,” Wagner said. 

Wagner drew the #1 envelope in victory lane and was presented another $500 bonus from race sponsor Wintermyers Auto Salvage. Wagner donated half of that bonus to Reinhardt for his “bad luck.”

Esh finished second ahead of Dewease, Brock Zearfoss and Freddie Rahmer with Aaron Ott, 21st starter Lucas Wolfe, Brian Montieth, Alan Krimes and Chad Trout.

Ott, Krimes and Dewease won heats for the 28 410 Sprints. Tyler Ross was the consolation winner.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Port Royal – Logan Wagner of Harrisonville scored his first ever Central Pa 410 sprint car win on Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway, holding off Lucas Wolfe for the $3,200 victory. 

Davey Sammons took the lead at the start of the 25-lap 410 sprint main with Ryan Taylor running second on the second lap.

Logan Wagner started third in the field and drove by Taylor for second on the fourth lap before going to work on Sammons.

Wagner hounded leader Sammons for the next five laps as the pair both ran the high cushion until he was finally able to blast to Sammons’ outside for the lead coming off of turn four.

Wagner did his best to keep a steady gait once in control, working through thick packs of lapped cars as the race worked toward the midway point.

It was then that point leader Lucas Wolfe, who started eighth, broke into the top five and with 12 laps to go, Wolfe was up to third.

Two laps later Wolfe darted around Sammons for second but before he could start erasing Wagner’s advantage, the races only caution appeared with 10 laps to go.

With lapped cars separating the leaders, Wolfe opened up a bit of breathing room over Wolfe when action resumed but Wolfe was quickly back into contention with five laps to go, just as Wagner again entered the backmarkers.

Wolfe may have had a chance late in the event until Wagner made a daring move to hold onto his coveted first Port Royal win by narrowly squeezing between the outside wall and the Ed Aikin to put him a lap down with two laps to go.

That maneuver by Wagner sealed the deal for the second-generation driver who grew up watching the races at Port Royal from the old covered grandstand and playing in the dirt at the track while his dad Mike raced.

Wolfe crossed the line 1.215 seconds behind in second followed by Sammons, elder Wagner patriarch Mike and Taylor.

Sixth through 10th went to Greg Hodnett, Kevin Nouse, Brent Marks, Lance Dewease and Doug Esh.

Heats for the 29 cars in action went to Sammons, Logan Wagner and Dylan Cisney with Brock Zearfoss taking the consolation.

Monday, July 13, 2015
Wagner's Road to Knoxville

My father Mike Wagner and I are trying to raise money by August 1st to make it to the Knoxville Nationals. I will be driving his famous black 55 if funds are reached. With the support of fans we have reached $3,500 in one week. Knoxville is the biggest sprintcar race in the world and one my family has never been a part of in all 28 years my father has raced sprintcars. For my father to come to me and ask me to drive his 55, when he has never drove in this race, means the world to me. Please message me directly or email if you can help in any way to make this possible. If funds are not met money will be returned. Please Share to support local racing

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Logan Wagner Racing Forms

After a successful rookie campaign in the 410 sprint car class, Logan Wagner is excited to announce the formation of Logan Wagner Racing for the 2015 season. Wagner and the Bedford Bullet racing team parted ways last month. In 2014, Wagner earned his first 410 feature victory at Lernerville Speedway on August 22nd along with Rookie of the Year honors from Port Royal Speedway and The Dirt Network.

Wagner and the Logan Wagner Racing team are planning a 30-race schedule in his own equipment at Port Royal Speedway, Williams Grove Speedway, Lernerville Speedway, and select regional shows, with the option of expanding the schedule as a hired driver. The team is currently open to new marketing partners for 2015. For more information, contact Logan at

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bedford Bullitt Racing and Logan Wagner were back in action at Port Royal Speedway for the Fallen Heroes 410 Sprint Car show. There were 24 410 sprint car teams on tap to qualify for the time trialed feature and the night would break out the new time trial runs and there was 6 sets of groups set to go out for time trials.